Monday June 11/18

Some great lifting at the EPC meet by Mr. Aaron Martin on Saturday!

A – Front Squats

B – Power cleans or DB cleans

C – Sprints and abs

Monday “Back on Track” Summer!

If you’ve been running from your fitness as we head into summer today is your lucky day!! Make today your physical reset!

We have some exciting changes for the AM classes this summer. We are going to have sessions starting every 30 min. You will still have the option to get your same great 60 min workout in but on those days when you are in a time crunch you can opt for a quick 30 min strength and conditioning workout!

Class start times for now will be 630, 7, 730, 8 (May change based on demand)

We will be adjusting our Saturday class start time to 9AM to as well to make it more convenient!

Tuesday May 22/18

Sometimes after a weekend full of activities you just need a quick power nap. 2 Pals catching a quick 5 min before their next adventure

A – Back Squat

B – Trunk Work

C – KB Complex