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Wednesday November 26/14

Wednesday November 26/14


A: Deadbugs + Burpees

B: Prowler push x 10 minutes-

C: Row- 1500m

D: Push press+ball slams+shoot through sequence- 3-5 sets

Tuesday November 25/14

Tuesday November 25/14


Get to the gym or Seb will shoot you … and he doesn’t miss

A – 3 sets

Side plank with rotation x 10

Plank to press x 10

B – Bench Press – MAX

C – 25 min of work

Snatch Grip D.L x 5 (use max snatch weight)

Man Makers x 10

Airdyne x 15 cal or Row 250M

Rope Climb x 3 or Peg Board

Monday November 24/14

Monday November  24/14


Part A: Back body line x 1 minute + alternating plank reach x 10

Part B: Back squats @ 70%

Part C: 10 sets:

3 power cleans + 10 plyo jumps

Friday Movember 21/14

Friday Movember 21/14


Rob Smith “Movember” over the years … Rob started 4 years ago as a member of the “CrossFit Kingston” team!

If you want to help out here is a link to donate. Thanks to all!


Thursday November 20/14

Thursday November 20/14


A – 5 sets

Seated Ball Throw x 15

Clean/Snatch BB warm up complex

B – Work to heavy set

Power Snatch x 2 + Hang Snatch x 2

C – Work to heavy set

Clean Complex