Hard work part 2

Anyone at the gym that ever trained with Mary knows how hard she works. Her hard work on and off the court earned her a starting 5 spot in her first ever NCAA Div 1 game, which just happened to be the season opener against Boston College this past weekend. Be like Mary. Work hard. Earn it.

Big congrats kid. Proud of you!

Tuesday November 14/17

Work 8 hours a day at your job/career and you are doing the “bare minimum.” Work 10-12 hours a day and it’s a badge of honour for being such a “hard worker.”

Work on yourself an hour or more a day or participate in ¬† recreation/physical activities/personal interests and you are considered unhealthily obsessed and many suggest you need find “balance” in your life …

Strange times indeed.

A – Snatch

B – Press