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Thursday March 5/15

Thursday March 5/15


Helping Jim ‘coach’ last nights boxing session … and by ‘coach’ I basically punched people in the stomach. I clearly hit some people harder than others! You know who you are and likely why I enjoyed punching you.

A – Fun warm up game

B – Snatch

C – Cleans or Rowing

Wednesday March 4/15

Wednesday March 4/15



Today is the day! Boxing class starts at 8am and runs for the remainder of the day! It’s 30 minutes of boxing and then 20 minutes of some prowler fun!

If you have never tried it before, today is the day to start!


Tuesday March 3/15

Tuesday March 3/15

OPS challenge

Had a blast this AM with the Odessa Public School Challenge Program! Warming up with their lizard crawl .. A super athletic and fun group! If you are interested in more info on getting your class/school involved email us! info@foundryathletics.com


A – Push Press

B – Upper body conditioning/Strength Circuit







This Wednesday we will be offering boxing to members as a free trial throughout the day! It will be a very fun and challenging conditioning workout so be sure to get in this Wednesday!

We are extremely lucky to have Jim coach the sessions this Wednesday. Most of you know Jim as the guy that never gets tired during classes but what you likely didn’t know was he also has quite a decorated past as a boxing competitor and coach. It took a little persuading to get such a modest man to talk about himself but Jim reluctantly sent me a short bio about his boxing career.

James Ingram is a certified N.C.C.P. level 2 boxing coach, and member of Boxing Canada at the Kingston youth club for the past 32 years.

As a Coach, Jim has had the very fortunate opportunity to assist Colin and Ken MacPhail, two National Coaches and members of the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.

As a competitor, Jim’s training partners included Mark Leduc (silver medalist at the Barcelona Olympics), Pat Jordan (silver medalist Common Wealth Games), Dave Bratt (Canadian light Heavyweight Champion), Peter Henshaw (Canadian Light weight Champion) and many other champions.

As a trainer, Jim has developed a variety of training programs, has co-trained with military personnel, Olympic trainers, and many other disciplines, while always maintaining a focus and link to boxing.

I look forward to sharing my experiences and passion for the sport of boxing with each and every one of you.

“Get Ready to Rumble”


Monday March 2/15

Monday March 2/15


It’s MAX back squat day!

A – MAX Squat

B – Step Ups and sandbag get ups