Kate Doyle

Back in 2010 when I started training at Foundry Athletics/CFK, I would never have imagined that my biggest passion in my life would end up as my full time “job”.

Having come from a background in competitive cheerleading I was very familiar with the technical expertise needed to teach people how to lift and move safely. The combination of a team atmosphere with the safe and technically sound movement of my sport helped make the transition from athlete to coach a natural one.

Ive been fortunate enough to study and learn from many amazing coaches, which has served to further my knowledge and passion for lifting and movement. I love teaching all levels of athletes but I take special pride in welcoming new members and helping them progress and develop a passion for their training.

Here are some of the people/coaches that I have trained with and who continue to be an influence in my training

The Ido Portal Method

Movement X workshop with John and Odelia

Hand Balancing workshop

Olympic Weightlifting

Alex Varbanov (10 World Records) “ Head Coach of the School Of Champions

Jon North – Cal strength/MDUSA/Attitude Nation

Hani Kanama – Kanama Performance

Tyler Touchette – OWA national youth team coach