Andrew Burns

“If you don’t LOVE what you do you have no business teaching it to others.” This is something I learned very early on as a “personal trainer.” In order to have the passion to help others become the best they can be mentally and physically in the gym you must first have that passion in your own training.

Before opening the gym I had a career as a registered teacher in the Limestone District School Board. It was during these years that I saw the declining state of athletics and health in the kids as young as kindergarten and all the way to the grade 12 level. Fundamental changes were needed in the way that our kids and their families viewed their health. From this Foundry Athletics/CrossFit Kingston was born.

Over the years the gym has gone through a lot of changes. We started out as mainly a “CrossFit” facility and over time as I grew and matured from a “personal trainer” into a strength coach, I have been able to incorporate a vast array of different training philosophies and modalities into your everyday training. Philosophies that are focused on long-term strength/health and the ability to move skillfully and efficiently at any age. This type of training will not only make you very fast and strong but will also ensure that you can maintain the quality of life that you are used to as you get older.

Training is a life long pursuit and that is the most amazing part about YOUR gym, Foundry Athletics. We are committed to you and your pursuit of life long optimal health. We train athletes and people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you are a national level athlete of someone new to strength training. Everyone that walks into the gym gets the same level of coaching from some of the provinces best coaches.

I have had the opportunity to train with many world-class coaches over my life and here are some of the programs and individuals that we at Foundry Athletics have used to develop our training philosophy

Olympic Weightlifting

The “Walt Family and Friends” – More provincial and National medals than I have room to list

Alex Varbanov (10 World Records) – Head Coach of the School Of Champions

Pierre Roy (Coached Jacques Demers to a silver medal at 1984 Olympics)

Dan Robitaille, President of the OWA

Greg Everett – Catalyst Athletics

Coach Burgener – CrossFit

Jon North – Cal strength/MDUSA/Attitude Nation

The Ido Portal Method

Movement X workshop with John and Odelia

Hand Balancing workshop


CrossFit Level 1

CrossFit Olympic weightlifting

CrossFit Kids

CrossFit gymnastics (participant and coach)

– Coached with a great coach and great friend Jeff Tucker

Nutrition with Robb Wolf