What We Do

What We Do


Foundry Athletics is a unique and multifaceted training facility. We are mix of many modalities that encompass only the best of each method.  What you get when you buy a membership with us is a membership to unlimited group personal training or as we would call it – COACHING.

Simply using equipment or free weights without the watchful eye of an expert (See coaches section) is a sure fire way to get injured. 
Nothing is worse than injury and it is all too common in many traditional gyms. It derails you and puts you back on the couch.

That being said, even though you’re in a group, you’re specific needs are always being met. If you have a bad shoulder, bad knee, or any type of condition that requires a specific protocol – WE ARE THERE FOR YOU. We are there to make sure you always IMPROVE.

A typical gym membership is definitely less expensive than we are but you get what you pay for. Without proper coaching you will surely not advance in your journey to better health. 
On the flip-side to hire a personal trainer ‘one-on-one’ you will pay between 65-85 dollars an hour and require at least 3 sessions per week. This adds up very quickly!

Basically, we are a membership to a group fitness program with expert coaching.

At Foundry Athletics it’s not about money or flash.. It’s about RESULTS. It’s about YOU!

Our Group Program is a COMMUNITY. A community of like minded individuals who wish to move better, eat better, and enjoy life more each and every day. These people talk to each other, help each other, and look out for one another.. It really is something special. I look forward to seeing you in the gym

Head Coach Andrew Burns

Our Definition of Fitness

Our definition of Fitness is quite simple; It’s the ability to move. People who train with our method notice increased abilities in all of life’s endeavors.

We offer a kids program (starting at age 4), a powerlifting/strength, an Olympic Weightlifting program, a sports team program, and of course our general group fitness program that is designed for EVERYONE! (You can never be too old!) . What this tells you is that we train all walks of life.

We make all people whether pro athlete or 75 year old with a brand new hip – better at MOVING. We make them stronger, more flexible, more mobile and stable, more explosive, and overall – we make everyone more healthy.

We do this through a very deep understanding of the human body.

  • What’s healthy for kids?
  • What does your grandma need to get up out of her chair?
  • Should you workout if pregnant? If so, what are the rules?
  • What does a soccer athlete, hockey athlete, and Lacrosse player all need?
  • How do you really burn fat?

These are just a few questions we can answer. We don’t give you quick fixes and miracles. We give you results.

Long story short. Proper movement with a good healthy eating plan are the nuts and bolts of our success!